Betta Dropsy - Watch Out For This Betta Disease Symptom

Published: 18th February 2011
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Dropsy isn't a disease, it is a symptom of a bacterial infection that can affect Betta fish or any other kind of fish in general. The major symptom of Dropsy is a bloated or swollen condition that makes a fishes scales sticks out like a pine cone. If left untreated the diseased Betta may die from the infection.

Betta dropsy is caused by infected aquarium water. The bacteria in the water will invade the tissue of the fish and their activities affect the kidneys. The body of the fish will begin to retain water and cause the fish to swell-up or become bloated.

Treating and caring for Betta dropsy is a must and it's not as difficult as you may think. Consult a fish expert to find an appropriate treatment for Dropsy or any other diseases in your Betta. Any diseases that affect fish in aquariums should be treated with some urgency. If left unchecked and untreated it can quickly kill all life in the aquarium, not good. Periodic checks for Dropsy and other Betta diseases is a must for any responsible pet owner.

These steps can help when dealing with a Dropsy outbreak in your tank:

- Start by changing at least one quarter of the water in the tank immediately.

- Quickly place any diseased fish into a separate quarantine tank. You will still want to treat the "unaffected" fish also, just to be sure.

- To stop the spread of the infection you will need to administer an antibiotic such as: Maracn, Kanacyn, Neomycin, or tetracycline drugs in to the tank.

- Twice a day give the infected fish a medicated bath using methylene blue, salt, Epsom salt, and electrolyte balancing salts. The labels should be able to tell you the correct proportion of medicines to use. You can also confirm treatments with a knowledgeable pet shop or research for yourself either through a library and/or on the internet.

At the first signs of infection of dropsy or other fish diseases, if you perform the proper treatments quick enough, you will greatly increase your chances of having your Betta make a full recovery. If this is your first time caring for a Betta fish be sure to study your fish and its normal behaviors so you can quickly recognize any changes in that behavior.


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