BPO and Call Center Outsourcing Countries

Published: 12th May 2011
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The new age has given rise to new industries such as Business Process Outsourcing and specifically call center outsourcing. The technological age has brought us so far into the future that distance is no longer such a big problem for conducting business successfully. Information technology has evolved to a degree that long distance communication can be fast, precise, and very cost effective. Contact centers and general BPO industries that provide service U.S. clients for example are located far offshore in Asia.

So what are the major business process outsourcing offshore locations in the world today? Here is a list of the most popular and the most successful of these locations and a brief description of what's going in each of these top offshore geographical locations.


China is relatively younger in the game but that doesn't mean it's any less of a major player. Everyone is aware of the large population of China and the prowess of the Chinese in terms of technology. Also, this large population translates into low wages. China also unveils its plans to further broach the global contact center offshore competition by providing more English language courses in schools. In the business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing arena, China is truly one of the Giant players.

South America

The countries of Brazil, Argentina, and others are one of the most popular call center destinations in the world. The edge of these countries is of course the Spanish speaking not only in Spain but in the United States as well. One cannot measure the large Spanish speaking population and niche that dwells in the United States and that is currently still growing up to huge proportions. There are a lot of English speaking call centers in South America as well since the Influence of North America trickles down the border.


India is the figure head of the call center industry. Everyone knows the stereotypical idea that India is a land full of call centers. And this is of course true. There are so many call centers in the country because it was the first geographical location to be targeted by such industries. Now the country is reaping the major benefits. One does not even need to think about how low the wages in India, it is a given. This third world country, almost as big a continent as China is full of laborers that will work hard for dirt cheap salary. The accent of Indian call agents is nearly impossible to miss.


This is the new Mecca of the call center outsourcing industry in the world. After India was fully established as a call center country, companies started scouting out for a new location that might provide an even better venue for customer management services. That's when they spotted the Philippines and a major migration occurred. The Philippines, being a former U.S. colony, is very Americanized. The language and culture barrier between a Philippine citizen and an American citizen is very thin so companies take advantage of this overpopulated developing country full of well educated professionals and cheap labor and business expenses.

This is list of top BPO countries will probably change in the future, but for the time being these are the most popular outsourcing countries.


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