Do Septic Systems With Aeration Tanks Last Longer?

Published: 16th March 2011
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The septic system is one of the most important systems in a home. When most people are looking for a septic tank, whether as a replacement tank or a new tank for newly built home, they will want to choose a tank that not only performs properly, but they also want the tank to last a long time. There are different types available and each has its own benefits. One such system is a septic system with an aeration tank.

An aerator septic tank is a tank that provides a large amount of oxygen (aeration) in the septic tool which aids in breaking down organic wastes more efficiently. An aerator is located in the middle chamber and is powered by electricity. There is also a filter that prevents large solids from passing through the other sections of the system. Because bacteria thrive in an oxygen rich environment, the bacteria will flourish which results in a more effective and faster break down of the waste. This method of aeration helps prolong the life of the septic system because there is no accumulation of waste in the septic tank.

The best advantage of having an aeration septic system is if you already have an older tank, you just have to buy the aeration device and install it on the tank. Where you install the device will depend on what type of tank you have. A professional will be able to install the unit properly. You can also buy a tank with the aerator already installed.

As well as extending the life of it, there are other benefits to installing an aeration septic system. Many of these tanks have a septic tank alarm that will signal that there is a problem with the system which is beneficial for the homeowner because a professional can be called in to fix the problem before it gets worse. As with any septic tank, it is important to properly maintain the septic system so there are no major sudden problems which can be hazardous to the environment and family members.

A system with an aeration system is a good choice because it lasts a long time, an estimated 30 years. Like any septic system, how well the aeration septic is maintained by the homeowner, how much the system is used, and if the septic system is inspected and maintained by a professional every year, will all play an important part in extending the life of the system. The aeration system can cost more than a standard system, but its efficiency and its ability to last a long time makes it a very good investment. As well, the system is better designed with cleaner water coming out the other end.

Because a properly functioning septic system is essential for every home, it is important to install a quality system that performs efficiently. If you are looking for a septic tank or looking to improve your current septic system, you may want to consider a septic system with an aeration tank.


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