How to Build a Plasma Cutter Cart

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Published: 02nd December 2010
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Many people think that plasma cutter means those large industrial-sized CNC plasma cutters controlled with computer numerical control (CNC), and are most often surprised to learn that there are portable plasma cutters available that are used in many small industries. Even a lot of amateurs use portable and hand-held plasma cutters.

These plasma cutters work with a common wall outlet. These weigh in around 75 lbs, and are most comfortably moved if they are mounted on some movable base. Here we tell you how to make a plasma cutter cart that you can use to haul your plasma cutter around more easily.


- Short pencil - 5/16" drill bit - Electric drill motor - 16 -- inch washers - Old push type lawn mower - Socket set or end wrench set - 24" x 24" piece of " plywood - 4 -- x 20 1-1/2 inch long bolts with nuts - 4 -- x 20 1- inch long bolts with nuts


1. You need a lawn mowers base to serve as the wheels for the plasma cutter cart. Get one old push-type lawn mower wherever you can, but make sure that the wheels are not worn out and still have a lot of years of use.

2. Clear the base by removing the engine and blades from the body of the lawn mower.

3. Lay a piece of plywood with size 24-inch by 24-inch and thickness inch on it. Mark the engine mounting holes.

4. Using the 5/16 drill bit, make those holes where marked.

5. Install the plywood using the x 20 by 1 and 1/4 inch nuts and bolts.

6. Mark holes where the plasma cutter shall be mounted.

7. Using your drill make these holes on the plywood and through the lawn mower base.

8. Using the x 20 by 1 and 1/2 inch long bolts and nuts attach the plasma cutting machine to the base.

9. Your plasma machine cart is ready.

Tips & Warnings

- If you want space to keep other accessories, you can get a larger base too. Just make sure that it can take the extra weight.

- This cart can be used for other purposes too. It would not be inappropriate to affix a welding machine on such a cart.

These instructions are not perfectly detailed, but with a little handy-work knowledge, which you probably have if you're even attempting to build a plasma cutter cart, you'll be fine. Having a plasma cutter cart will make you much more mobile and that means you can take your business on the road.


For a more detailed instructions for building a plasma cutter cart make your way to my website. You might even learn a thing or two about creating a CNC plasma cutter.

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