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Published: 15th June 2011
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Finding the information based on a telephone number from your own country might be easy but have you ever thought about international reverse telephone number lookup? You can probably recognize a local call right away just by looking at the phone number however when you get an international call, you might not have so many options at your disposal. There are websites that offer international reverse telephone number lookup, but most of these sites charge ridiculously high prices. One site charges up to $150 for membership and only allows you to do limited number of searches. You do not have to pay this much. There are ways to perform a reverse phone number lookup on an international number for less.

Searching for International Numbers Online

The first thing to do when you receive a phone call from an international number is of course to write down the phone number. You would then take a look at the area code or the first two or three numbers and check which country it belongs to. You can find a listing of this online and other free directory pages containing it. This will be so much easier rather than randomly looking for a number. By finding out which country the telephone number belongs to, you are easily narrowing down your search to one specific country. Once you do find the originating country, you can then start looking for reverse phone number lookup sites specific to that country. Some countries have organized directories.

So if you are lucky, you might be able to find a site that can ultimately help find the owner of your mysterious phone number. Like for example, if you are looking for a telephone number from the UK, you can try various online UK directories. This is one of the fastest ways that you can try and find the information you need. Keep in mind however that privacy laws are different for each country. So some countries might not have any online directory organized at all. In addition, even if they garner results, you might only get limited information, such as a name, any other information like address or any background search results will hardly be provided.

If this is too much work, then you can always try the regular reverse phone number lookup sites that you use. Most of them have international sections and can definitely assist you in conducting international reverse telephone number lookup.


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